Irving Texas
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On August 14, 2015 we had the unthinkable happen to our church while scheduled yard work was taking place.  The educational building was set fire by accident.  It was a four alarm fire and it began a life changing event in the lives of our members.  We count it a blessing that the Irving Fire Department was driving by our church at the exact time of the fire or we would have totally lost our entire building.  
The process has been slow but throughout the process God had His hand in it and is blessing us so much.  We are thankful for the many lessons 
we have learned and will probably continue to learn for a while to come.  
We ask that you please come visit us.  We are still only utilizing one side of our building.  The educational wing that housed our nursery, offices, fellowship hall, kitchen and offices are still under construction. 
We are $100,000 short from what the insurance paid.  We do have a Go Fund Me account and all donations will go to the construction of our building.